January 15, 2015

Album released in Japan!

Stars Aligned album will be released in Japan through Rubicon Music in 28th of January.

One bonus track will be included in the Japanese edit.of the album.

Won't Drag You Down track is a great mix of heavy and epic metal. Definitively worth checking out!

December 1, 2014

With "Eye On The Sky" the Finnish STARGAZERY already released their debut on Pure Legend Records. Almost four years later we’re proud to announce, that the successor "Stars Aligned" is finally ready to conquer.

The well-known trademarks also have been put down on the second album: melodic, keyboard-driven Heavy Metal, often very similar to Hard Rock. Idols like Rainbow and Black Sabbath (with Tony Martin on vocals) can be heard as influences very well. A clean, strong production, the sophisticated, melodic vocals from Ex-MSG-singer Jari Tuira and a Blackmore-inspired guitar refine all twelve songs into a masterpiece of melodic heaviness. As bonus we deliver the in their mother tongue recorded track "Tumma Nainen". Again, "Stars Aligned" will satisfy every fan of the mentioned classics!

Release: January 23rd 2015
Label: Pure Legend Records

Tracks: 1. Voodoo
2. Angel Of The Dawn
3. Missed The Train To Paradise
4. Invisible
5. Absolution
6. Academy Of Love
7. Painted Into A Corner
8. Dim The Halo
9. Bring Me The Night
10. Hidding
11. Warrior's Inn
12. Dark Lady
13. Tumma Nainen (Special Bonus)
Total Playing Time: 51:43.

August 5, 2014

Hello folks!

Sorry for the long delay of news, but we've been really busy to get this new album done! Now finally, the album is being mastered in famous Chartmaker studio in Finland by Minerva Pappi. We just heard we songs and let me tell you, the album is a killer and will sound like a killer! Album will contain 12 new tracks, 11 originals and 1 cover song. We will give you the official track-list and other info very very soon!

Thank you for your patience and huge support!

Stars Aligned very soon!!!

Stargazery lads!

August 7, 2013

The debyt album finally available digitally!!!

Eye on the sky available in the biggest stores like spotify, Itunes etc!

March 26, 2013

New album!

Hello folks!

Things have beeen very hectic here, that's why the delay on the news section :)

The new album is coming together slowly, but surely!

We have 13 new songs, 12 original and one cover, in the works and once again they will be a killer stuff!

All the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards are basically recorded and also some of the lead-vocals as well.

We'll give you the update on release-date, cover artwork etc.asap!

Also 2 shows confirmed:
13th of April we are playing with the mighty Queensryche!
15th of June at LankaFest.

More news sooon!


August 13, 2012

Stargazery has entered the HelGate Studio to start to work on the follow up to their well received debyt, Eye on the sky!

Drums has been recorded for a 6 new tracks already and more news to come soon!

March 14, 2012

Jari will be performing with ex-Dio guitarist

Former DIO guitarist Rowan Robertson will team up with former MSG singer Jari Tiura for a two week tour in Finland.

Wed 13.6 - Helsinki, On The Rocks
Thu 14.6 - TBA
Fri 15.6 - Kokkola, The Rock
Sat 16.6 - Utajärvi, Untorock
Sun 17.6 - TBA
Thu 21.6 - TBA
Fri 22.6 - Maarianhamina, Dinos
Sat 23.6 - Maarianhamina, Dinos

Jari Tiura (MSG, Stargazery) - vocals
Rowan Robertson (DIO) - guitars
Marko Pukkila - bass
Sven Vannäs (Doogie White) - keyboards
Mirka Rantanen (Kotipelto, Thunderstone, Warmen) - drums

February 19, 2012

New songs!

The band is very busy writing new material for the 2nd album.

At this point there are 8 songs written and recordings are planned to start within a couple of weeks.

More news asap!

February 18, 2012

Metal Rules!

STARGAZERY was voted 3 times "Best New Metal Band" in the "individual staff lists" on!
Please have a look to the poll here

November 21, 2011

FMA - äänestys alkanut! Stargazery toivoo ääniänne!

Äänestä meitä Imperiumin nettisivuilla (klikkaa linkkiä)

September 23, 2011

Band of the Week!

The band and the album has received great recognition's all over the world and the latest is that one of the biggest metal website nominated Stargazery to be their band of the week!

September 12, 2011

New saples!

We've added more clips from the Eye on the Sky to the media section!
Check it out!

May 31, 2011

New distribution

By now H'ART will do the distribution (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) for PURE STEEL RECORDS and all sublabels like Karthago Records, Pure Rock, Pure Legend and Pure Underground. Until now the products were distributed by Twilight distribution.

Andreas Lorenz from PURE STEEL RECORDS: H'ART is a dynamic partner with a growing wide range of repertoire which shows the best future options for a long cooperation with the PURE STEEL group.

Mrs. Manuela Nikele, label manager of H'ART will be the responsible person for this cooperation: "We are happy to work with the professional label PURE STEEL RECORDS which is on the market since years and was able to focus their business on special markets.

May 19, 2011

Stargazery kilpailua!

Uusimmassa 7-päivää - lehdessä Stargazery kilpailua, jossa voittona bändin debyytti Eye on the Sky. Myös vokalisti Jari Tiuran 7 päivän kuulumiset (kilpailu päättynyt).

April 13, 2011

Eye on the sky released in Japan!

Stargazery's debyt Eye on the sky was released in Japan by Rubicon Music 13th of April.
The album contains one bonustrack, Gary Moore cover Murder in the skies with a guest solo from the Stormwarrior axeman Alex Guth We have added few samples from the Eye on the Sky album to the new media section on our website.

April 03, 2011

We have added few samples from the Eye on the Sky album to the new media section on our website.


March 29, 2011

Due to the unfortunate "mishap" at the pressing factory, release-dates will be postponed for a week or so...
We'll keep you posted!

Tehtaalla sattuneiden kommellusten vuoksi debyytin julkaisua siirrettin viikolla. Suomen julkaisupäivä on siis 6.4.

March 10, 2011

Kitaristi Pete aamuvieraana Radio Megassa huomenna 11.3 klo.08.00.

Voit kuunnella lähetystä myös netin kautta

March 03, 2011

Album of the Week!

First review of the Eye on the sky can be found at
Also the debyt single How many miles has been sent to the radio stations in Finland. Hopefully it will get the airtime it certainly deserves!

More soon!

February 09, 2011

We are preparing our first single to the radios and the How Many Miles track will be hit the stations very soon.
Also the promotional video from that song is on the works, but in the meanwhile enjoy this album teaser!!!

STARGAZERY - EYE ON THE SKY (Release Date 25th of March 2011)

Janyary 26, 2011

Debyt "Eye on the Sky" Out in March!

STARGAZERY sign with Pure Legend Records
Pure Legend Records, a new sublabel of Pure Steel Records is proud to announce their first signing: STARGAZERY from Finland.

Stargazery are a band fronted by the ex-MSG vocalist Jari Tiura anf featuring current or ex members of BURNING POINT, GHOST MACHINERY, KALMAH, POISON BLACK, AFTERWORLD, MASTERSTROKE and SNAKEGOD. The band plays Hard Rock influenced Melodic Metal on high standard in vein of the late RAINBOW-phase and DIO.

STARGAZERY was founded in 2005. The debut album "Eye On The Sky" is already finished and will be released worldwide in first quarter of 2011.
The album was recorded and mixed at the HellGate & the Reindeer Horns studios in Oulu/Finland. "Eye On The Sky" was mastered by in the Bazement Studios. The artwork is done by Felipe Machado (THUNDERRBLAST). He worked and is working for bands and artists like AXEL RUDI PELL, BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, BLAZE BAYLEY etc.

Statement of STARGAZERY follows: "We all are very excited and happy to sign to Germany´s Pure Legend Records, an specialized sublabel of the well-known Pure Steel Records. We’ve seen that the label has been raising their profile year after year and we are really looking forward to work with them in the future."

-Jari, Pete, Jukka, Marco & Jussi aka Stargazery

Pure Legend Records statement: "It's a dream to release such a gem as first release. STARGAZERY are playing exactly the honest kind of music we want to support with Pure Legend Records. Anything (Instruments, compositions and sound) can only be called excellent. You hear and practically feel the professionalism of the individual musicians. A perfect album in this genre!"

-Andreas Lorenz, general manager (CEO) - Pure Legend Records (a division of Pure Steel Records GmbH).

June 19, 2010

Hello you all!

Sorry for the long silence, too much to do and too little time

We're doing a final negotiations with a record label from Germany and hopefully within a week we can release name of the company, stay tuned!

Also another news, the line-up is completed with a drummer Jussi Ontero. We all know Jussi, an awesome guy as well as one of the best musicians i've ever met! Of course you might know him from Burning Point or Ghost Machinery too

We just opened the new webpages be patience the pages are under heavy constructions but will be opened soon. Feel free to leave a comment on guestbook.

December 25, 2009

Promo cd!

Hi folks!

Firstly, Merry Christman & Happy New Year to everyone

Secondly, just finished the mixing for this 4 track promo cd, it sounds awesome!!!

Various record labels all around the world will receive the Stargazery promo package a.s.a.p.

Hopefully we're able to get album out early 2010, keep you finger's crossed!

More soon, stay tuned!


November 16, 2009

Backing vocals...

Hello you all!

We're pleased to announce that the backing vocals for 4 songs are done and yes, sounds GREAT!!!

The songs are How Many Miles, Everytime I Dream of You, Puppet on a String and Jester of Kings.

More news to come asap, stay tuned!


October 19, 2009

Laulajan mietteitä , " Sessio Stargazery "

Terve kaikille!

Ensimmäisen Stargazery albumin lead laulu sessiot ovat nyt ohi. Kaikkiaan 4 kertaa , jos oikein muistan, kävin Oulussa äänittämässä Jukan ja Peten kera vokaaleja ja raitoja kertyi 12 kipaletta. Studio oli mukava ja Jukan ohjauksessa mukava toimia. Aikataulu kyllä tuntui venyvän mutta kaikella on kait tarkoituksensa. Nyt jo entisenä Michael Schenker Group vokalistina , on itseasiassa kiva todeta, että duuni suomalaisten kanssa on kuitenkin se mitä halusinkin. Siinä on vaan enemmän hmm... sitä mikä pitää selän suorassa. Ja vähemmän sellaisia toimenpiteitä mikä sai ainakin mulle herneet nenään ollessani MSG:ssa. Toki huippuhetkiä MSG:n kera oli paljon enemmän. Siitä kiitos Michaelille ja kumppaneille. Sain nähdä ja kokea sen mikä kuitenkin on suurimmaksi osaksi haavetta useimmille.

No niin,
äänitettyjä biisejä on siis 12 ja ovat nimetty seuraavasti,

" How Many Miles"
- tämä oli eka biisi jonka demolauloin kauan sitten Tampereella.
osa lienee sen kuullut, diggaan kyllä kovasti, höh... " Headless Cross", Black Sabbath
- HAAA!!! nyt tempasi mukaan meikän ja pahasti. Tony Martin laulama biisi on kolissut mulle aina ilmestymisestään lähtien. Hevanderia niinkuin se parhaimmillaan vedetään. Miksi siis koveroitiin, no siksi että me tykättiin siitä ja aika maukas versio lauluja myöten saatiin aikaiseksi. Ja tietysti nykysoundit vielä erottavat alkuperäisestä. Modenisointia tässä mielessä. Tony on ollut huikea laulaja aikanaan.

" Puppet On A String"
- Nukke stringeissään. Jep jep.. Tarinaa vastentahtoisuudesta. Liittyykö elettyyn elämään? No totta kai ja mainio menopala siitä tulikin.

" Keep Your Eye On The Sky"
- nopea biisu ja oli hyvä meisinki tätäkin vetäessä. Tarttui kuin purkka tukkaan ja sain heitettyä maneerit syrjään ja olin vain Jari.

" Murder In The Sky" Gary Moore
- toinen laina on Karilta ja pelaa, pelaa oikein hyvin. Hieman tuntematon , luojan kiitos, mutta tunnetulta kitarasankarilta. Sen huomasin että tuon kultaisen kauden kaiffareilla punainen lanka on ollut läsnä. Hyvä on ammentaa nykynuoren :)

" Jester Of Kings "
- viimeisimmästä sessiosta taasen tarttuvahko , lievän metallinen perinteinen heavyrock biisi. Sanomakin on vaffa ja ah niin tosielämästä kuin voi. Oikeasti.

" Everytime I Dream "
- Hidas kipale jota on aina nautinto laulaa, sitä on siis esitetty livenä, kahdesti.

" Dying "
- julkaistu myös nettisinkkuna. Uudelleen äänitetty myöskin. Jotkut lienee kuulleet tämän.

" I..m The Night "
- jumankeka, en olis ikinä kuvitellut että bändin nimeltä Scorpions vois liittää tähän mutta nyt kyllä jonkinverran todella soundaa siihen suuntaan.

" S.O.S. "
- Now your SOS is real !!!! Mietippä ,niin mietin ja tein myös . Ekan session äänityksiä ja viimeksi kun kuuntelin tämän niin totesin että ei ole lisättävää. Hyvä näin.

" Judah "
- siellä mennään mikä on minulle ollut aina inspiroiva lähde. Taivaallisia/ mytologisia teemoja alkuperästä, mikä on ollut ja mikä on oleva. Tämä on sitä heviä.
Tämä on heviä minun kirjoissani.

" ? "
- tästä biisistä ei vielä puhuta mitään.

Siinähän sitä. Onneksi se on nyt osaltani ohitse ja voin todeta että kyllä tässä taas kaikki laitettiin peliin mitä oli. Vilpittömästi, mikä ei liene aina paras vaihtoehto. Levystä on tulossa tosi hieno debyytti ja ehkä aikanaan sitten keikkailemme tältä pohjalta. Paljon on vielä tekemistä mutta hyvää kannattaa odottaa. Oulun poikien viimeistellessä omia raitojaan voin paneutua nyt soolo albumini detaljeihin. Sami Ala- Lahden, tuottaja, kanssa olemme kaikessa rauhassa tehneet JTF- albumia ja myös tässä on lauluäänitykset ohi mutta laitan oman blogin tästä myöhemmin. Erinomaista tulossa myös tästä.


Jari Tiura

And not to worry, English translation is on the way... :)

October 7, 2009

2 cover songs...

Hello !

Last week Jari did all the leadvocals and it sounds excellent! ...of course

Now it's time to find schedule to record the remaining keyboard parts and we know that Marco is very busy with his other bands, Poison Black & Kalmah, but i hope that within a week they're done...

So, the cover songs...

As mentioned before we have 12 songs all in all and 2 of those are covers. First is excellent track from the excellent album, Gary Moore's Victims of the Future album and a track called Murder in the Skies. Second one is classic, classic track and definitively one of my all time favourite albums! Black Sabbath and a track called Headless Cross.

Ok folks, thats for now and we'll keep you posted for more news.

Stay tuned,


September 28, 2009

Story continues...

Hello you all !

It's time to enter the studio again. Jari will be in town for a few days and he'll sing the rest of the remaining songs.

Jukka also laid down few missing bass tracks in the weekend and the songs start to take more shape :) Other words, the songs sound awesome!!

As the vocals has been done we will reveal the the 2 cover songs we're planned to do...

Stay tuned !


June 9, 2009

More from studio...

Hello !

Jari came to town last weekend and he laid down lead vox for 6 songs!

It sounded awesome !!!

The titles were:

I am the Night

Everytime I dream (of you)


Puppet on a String


How Many Miles

More to come soon...

May 13, 2009

...from the studio...

Hello !

Great news ! The drum tracks to all songs have been recorded.

All in all we have 10 original and 2 cover songs and the next in line are keyboards & bass:

Jari will come to town at the beginning of June to lay down some vocal tracks.

Stay tuned...


May 7, 2009

In studio !

Greetings folks ;=)

We're very happy to announce that the recordings of the Stargazery debut will continue this coming weekend !

We'll be laying down the drum tracks at the Helgate Studios...

We'll keep you posted !


April 16, 2009

Future plans !

Hey you all !!!

We're pleased to announce that the recordings for the Stargazery debyt album are running very smoothly towards the point which lots of fans ( and a band too ) have been waiting...I mean the finished product of course 10 Stargazery songs and i cover song will be recorded in total and after that the hunt for a record deal is on ! We're also very happy that few labels have already been in contact with us but no decisions haven't been made yet... Stay tuned for a more news about the album, tour etc!!!