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<p>We already knew that Swap Heroes 2 was on the way due to having eyes everywhere (including our butts).</p><p>But its creator, Chris Savory, has now made the official announcement. It'll be out for iOS and Android on February 18th.</p><p>Accompanying this announcement comes new information about this sequel to the Silver Award-winning turn-based strategy adventure.</p><p>Most important is that your progress in Swap Heroes 2 isn't reset every time you die. Instead, a new quest system gives you permanent progression.</p><p>"Completing quests now unlocks new levels, difficulties, modes, characters, and star points," Savory told us.</p><p>"Star points are used to equip team-wide upgrades as well as earn you a final showdown with the Shadow Knight."</p><p>Yep, that's two more additions to the formula he mentions there.</p><p>The first one being the final boss battle against the Shadow Knight. The second being the upgrade system that lets you improve health, attack, healing, and skills.</p>.

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